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Africa and Cookies

cookies in shape of icon Girls Scout symbol
King Solomon met with the Queen of this nation
Major river in South Africa
These cookies are called Russian tea _______
Most people living on the savanahs did this for a living
The Great Mosque was built in this city
Christianity and Islam were divided in Africa by this type of forest
They tried to destroy Swahili culture
High area of flat land
This syrupy cookies are popular in Maine
10% of Africa is covered with this
According to the Quaran, Muslims cannot enslave
Round, mint flavored cookies
Rain forests have very good _____
The King of Ghana would be replaced by this person when he died
Peanut butter cookie with rich chocolaty coating
Culture of Eastern Africa
Caramel and toasted coconut cookie
Christianity was strongest in this part of Africa
Base language to more than 120 million Africans
The favorite cookie of New Hampshire is also a popular coffee flavor; Pumpkin_____
This West African nation got rich by controlling the salt and gold trade
This group spread their culture throughout Africa
Africa is this many times as large as the United States
The Romans introduced this animal to Africa
African Kings demanded this from their subjects
The first European nation to enslave Africans
The greatest honor given out by Mansa Musa
This started when Europeans begun to enslave Africans
Zesty, lemon flavored cookie dusted with powdered sugar
Crispy graham cookie double dipped in creme icing
The secret ingredient in the Toffee-tastic
Major river in East Africa
___ Battuta was surprised to find that many Africans were still worshiping traditional gods
Death Road was located here
Crunch oatmeal on the outside and creamy peanut butter on the inside
The Great Mosque was built by ______