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Inca Civilization Vocabulary

The greatest Sapa-Inca king
Describing something that works well and effectively without waste
To provide enough food or water; to make something continue
Labor tax
A government that takes responsibility for the well-being of its citizens
Easily noticed or understood
Land owned & managed by the government for public use
A high plain centered in Bolivia
Population survey
A group of related families that lived in the same location
The management of a government or business
To raise animals or plants to be useful to humans
To examine carefully to find out something or to check conditions
The management of communication & relationships between people or nations
Religious teachings & practices
The vast grassy plains of Argentina
The last great Sapa-Inca who took power in 1493
A flat strip of level land
Group of people or things with similar qualities
A system for ranking members of a group according to their importance
Record-keeping device made of knotted strings