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Verbs in a Sentence

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I help my dad in the garage.
The dog found the bone in the backyard.
The boys fought over the beautiful girl.
I search the internet for music.
He played X-BOX all night long.
Brayden finished his homework that is due tomorrow.
The girl bounced on the trampoline for two hours.
It rained all night while we camped.
They run four miles every morning.
We ate dinner when we got home from school.
I sleep when its night time outside.
Chase danced to the music.
They sweep the dirt up off the floor.
They came to the front door with cookies.
He left his house without a coat.
She hid under the covers during the storm.
I wore my favorite shirt to school.
Arthur jumped out of his seat when he saw a spider.
I clean the house for my mother.
Sydney laughed out loud at Brayden.
I put the toad in my backpack.
The dog barked at the cat.
We build igloos when it snows.
The girl claps to the music.
Ava drew a picture in her book.