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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 29

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
The condition of having a wave.
Without care; not taking care of something.
Full of peace; quiet.
The condition of something that shakes; likely to fall down.
Full of beauty; pretty.
The condition of being dark.
The condition of being without fear; courage.
Kind; pleasant.
Done in a lazy way; not willing to work.
Mainly. Done almost always.
Gone from a place.
Full of grace; displaying grace, balance, and beauty.
The condition of strong winds blowing.
The condition of being happy.
Without a penny; not having money.
Not likely to remember.
Without a spot; clean.
Done in a sudden way; happening quickly.
Done in a quick way; fast.
More than one SOLDIER; men and women who serve in the military.