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Valentine's Day

Librarian. The smartest person @ STMS
All you need is . . amor in Spanish
Beautiful and fragrant gift for Valentine's day!
South building receptionist. Great person. The gatekeeper
Ms. Briones assistant. She's from Iraq!
$ 1 raffle!
The thing you shoot from a bow. Used in archery
The thing you use to shoot an arrow. Used in archery
Baby angel; shoots arrows
Famous love song
Assistant principal and 7th graders best friend
Science and Social Studies teacher. The best teacher @ STMS
A tasty and sweet gift for Valentine's Day!
Language arts teacher; plays the guitar
Will you be my . . . ?
Synbol of love. Everyone has one
Either Ms. Ruiz' assistant or Reading teacher. Both of them wonderful people
Sweet and tasty. A treat on Halloween and Valentine's Day
Math teacher. Her assistant is Ms. Ali
Security. We love him. He keeps us safe