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The Chemistry of Valentine's Day


Most of the fat in chocolate is this type - which is bad for your heart ironically.
The chemical symbol for this element is V.
A country famous for its quality and flavor of chocolate.
The plant which chocolate is made from.
Unit of heat energy. One Reeses cup has about 100 of these units.
Has more caffeine than milk chocolate.
A property of the liquid state of chocolate related to its flow.
Main diet of Swiss cows.
Symbol is Ti
Copper and tellurium's symbols together make this word.
The atomic number for this element is 13. The symbol is the second and third letter of today's holiday name.
12 mg per ounce of dark chocolate contains this compound.
Symbol of Valentine's day
The chemical that makes chocolate toxic to dogs. Present mainly in dark chocolate.
C6H1206 is the formula for this compound.
Caused on chocolate when the fat migrates to the surface.
The Swiss cows produce milk with this quality which makes the milk chocolate.
To make the chocolate very smooth and creamy.
This kind of altitude makes milk more dense.
One anthocyanin that gives roses their red color.