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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What is the adjective in this sentence: Alice was wearing a red dress.
What is the adjective in this sentence: Gloria spoke to her younger brother.
"a" and "an" is an example of an...
What do adjectives describe?
An adjective that compares three or more things.
Lois is a (good)___ mechanic than I
Ivy is the (quiet)___ of all the dogs.
Gretchen is (tall)___ than Allyson
What kind of adjective is capitalized?
The basketball was (big)___ than the tennis ball.
That road is the (long)___ of the the four.
Johnny went to Saylorville lake.
Vizio television, Samsung television, and LG television all include what kind of adjective?
An adjective that compares two things.
What is the adjective in this sentence: I need to go get my math book.