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Valentine's Day

My dogs' initials
What I like to say to you
One chest muscle
Cupid's mother
Valuable card in black jack
A saying on a candy heart
One of the animals found at CROW
Place we first kissed
What is your favorite color
Your college team's name
Name of our best man
The number of towns in the USA named Valentine
Name of the boat on which we met
My college team's name and a red bird
Famous term from Johnny Dangerously, "You _______"
Home of the Grizzlies
Latin counterpart to Eros
Famous Hawaiian greeting
To exist
What groups of crows are called
What was your first dog's name
Sixth note
I ___, you are, he is
Transcendental mantra
Grandson's name
A famous shell on Sanibel
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's _______
A sport we like to do together
St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and this occupation
Famous Fort Myers candy maker
My favorite color
Name of one of your grandsons
One way to close an envelope
Former PRA client
One of the places we made love
Black and white with a wingspan up to 29 feet
Name of a flower in our house
"___ shucks"
Granddaughter's name
What is the scientific name for a muskie
A grandson's name
My favorite dog
Necessary for measuring a circle
Name of a granddaughter
Roses are red, ____ are blue
Another name for a snook
Name of one of your brothers
Not Pa
Grandson's name