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The Gospel According to Mark

Author: H. Darrell Watson
Mark ends with a ___________ participle.
Jesus' ______ is affirmed from the very beginning of Mark
_______ possessed people even proclaimed Jesus' authority
Literary device used by Mark. Markian ______
Judas' betrayal was motivated by ________
A second purpose of apocalyptic literature
Supernatural earthly events with a heavenly meaning
Earthly stories with heavenly meanings
The place Jesus calls His disciples
Where the major point of a parable is found
Just prior to Jesus' crucifixion, Mark proves humanity's ________.
Mark 13:1-37 contains Mark's little
In the cleansing of the Temple, Jesus becomes the Gentiles _______
Peter's denial was motivated by _________
A passion narrative with an extended introduction
Disciples are called to be seed _________
One purpose of apocalyptic literature
The oldest synoptic gospel