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Physical Science Test 8 Review CW1

Sound heard distinctly after being reflected off an object
Hollow body that reverberates sound waves
Random sound with no intended pattern
When natural frequency = driving frequency
When two notes interfere harmoniously
Multiple reflections causing a persistence of sound not heard as separate sounds
Instruments distinctive sound quality
Max distance particles are displaced by a wave
Sound that can be heard
Series of organized sound waves produced by an instrument
Number of waves that pass a given point per unit time
Time needed for one wave to pass
Periodic back and froth motion that transmits energy
Vibrations traveling through a medium in the form of longitudinal pressure waves
Change in a wave's direction when passing from one substance to another
Sound below the range of human hearing
Substance through which a wave transfers energy
Strength of a sound wave
Effect of sound wave strength on how the human ear perceives sound
Effect of frequency on the way our ear perceives sound