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*Flower Power*

This one goes out to @_youngbaby_
**Links in some chains
An NSFW way to appreciate a joke
Teen heartthrob turned serial killer
Sometimes she was goody-goody, sometimes she was naughty-naughty...
What Run the Jewels might say to Betty White
Vietnamese New Year
You can park it overnight at Walmart
Love can turn a wise one into this
What might be written on the outside of a crate once it's been unpacked
You don't have to be an artist to draw it
What you might hear through the grapevine
Follower of Wi or Hi
She played Carla on Cheers
Funky divas who told us to free our minds in the '90s
It might see more than the other two
What crowds do when they go wild
For-profit art school in Manhattan
Hot releases
Major Japanese tech company
Gender descriptor
Type of DVR
Girly Russian duo who went platinum at the turn of the century
TLC ain't never been silly ones
Where Brits may go after secondary school
___ Politics
Francesco's eponymous espresso
**Mythological hunter who went daffy over his own reflection
Big Wu-tang influence
Avril Lavigne preferred the sk8er variety
One more thing...
Abbr. for a triad of malevolent personality traits, including one named for 50 across
Congresswoman caught in the middle of a hot debate re anti-Semitism right now
Contemporary Watson
What we all are
Phallic typo of 62 down
Sun Tzu's The ___ of War
**They may be digging for less than love
Independent women
After the party it's this kind of party
'Am' in Spanish
Suffix with happen and christen
**Sage of the diviners
Kind of cut
Get your laws off __ body
One way to loose control around another
Type of roll or poke
Alternative to Common Era
Lisa Lopes
**Hold them under your chin to see if you like churned cream
Type of dash
Explanation one might give for skipping dessert
First second of rhapsody
Google home product
Home to Abu Dhabi
A stripper might wear more than one
Old Tokyo of the Floating World
**They may be blue
Slang for a catalog of audio recordings
Some graduate students
Honorific for Mario
Skynet's specialization
Your computer's computer
Custardy sushi
One way to move water
He pities 22 across
Abbr. for going steady
Less tautological but less catchy way to express the contemporary version of 'carpe diem'
Type of cat or speak
What Wilt 'the Stilt' Chamberlain had
When repeated, a short goodbye
MbS's domain