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Care Management One Vocab #1

Separation of the layers of a surgical wound
Disturbance of the rhythm of the heart
Hospital acquired infections
Inadequate amount of oxygen to cells
Temporary fall in blood pressure when standing
Slow rate of breathing-less than 10 breaths a minute
Increased respiratory rate
Difficult or labored breathing
Absence of breathing, if occurs longer than 4-6 min brain damage or death occurs
Quality and safety education for nurses
Protrusion of viscera through incision
Deficiency of blood in an area
Contains large numbers of RBC
Impaired muscle strength or weakness
Decreased toen or hypotonicity: paralysis of involved area or weakness
Ability to breathe without difficulty only when in an upright position
Series of sounds when assessing blood pressure
Incomplete expansion or collapse part of lung
Unlabored or normal respiration