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Central Dogma - Cell structure

Teacher: Dr. Vess
How DNA is copies, DNA goes to RNA, and tRNA matches up amino acids to mRNA
Type of code meaning 3 bases in the mRNA giving the instructions for one amino acid
Organelle where proteins are packaged for export
Number of strands in one molecule of DNA
Organelle Where photosynthesis takes place in plant cells
What amino acids are in a protein and nucleotides are in DNA
Number of strands in one molecule of RNA
Organelle/Cell structure where ribosomes are - endoplasmic reticulum
Replaces Thymine in RNA
Organelle where protein synthesis takes place
Codon for the Amino acide Tryptophan
The type of bond between amino acids in a protein
The total number of amino acids
Organelle where energy is made - the power house of the cell
The start codon in mRNA
Sugar in DNA
Type of RNA that makes up most of the ribosome
Enzymes that facilitate creation of peptide bonds between amino acids
The 3 bases in tRNA that are complementary to the mRNA codon
3 bases in mRNA that give the instructions to make one amino acid
Sugar in RNA
Enzyme that is involved in replication of DNA and transcription of DNA to RNA
Organelle where DNA is located
A stop codon