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The Circuit: Piano Festivals Around The World

Piano Performer Magazine
Winter Issue, 2018-2019
Vol. XII
Name of the city in Ohio, USA where this international piano competition is held once every four years.
This international piano competition takes place every three years in West Yorkshire, England.
One of the most prestigious piano competitions in Japan, started in 1991.
Last name of a famous Russian composer after which a prestigious piano and violin competition was named.
Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this keyboard festival is internationally recognized as America's most prestigious piano music festival.
An international piano duo competition held in Miami, FL every four years.
Located in the legendary outdoor venue in the mountain town of Colorado, this jazz festival celebrates the cultural tradition, modern styles and cutting edge progression of the American Jazz .
An international piano competition held in Warsaw, Poland, devoted entirely to the works of this composer.
An American piano competition, held once every four years, in the year following the United States presidential elections. It was first held in 1962 in Fort Worth, Texas.
An annual international music festival that takes place for two weeks in late July and early August in the mountain resort in Switzerland.
The International Piano Competition initiated in 1927 and held in Warsaw, Poland every five years.
This international Piano Competition Takes place in New Mexico every three years.