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Earth Science 14

0.2 gram
A crystal's ____ is determined by the arrangement of atoms
Diamond is made of this
Color of a mineral's powder
_____ gravity
Magnetic mineral
Tendency to have a pattern in its breaking, but not cleavage
Enlargement of a crystal
More common than gold, but still valuable
Glows under a UV light
River where gold was discovered
Largest blue diamond
Quality & intensity of light reflected by a mineral
Caused a rush to California in 1849
Wire is often made of this
Scale used to measure hardness
Many minerals have the same ____
The provision of minerals is an example of God's ______
A ____ compound has elements in a fixed ratio
The most productive diamond mine in the world is now in _____
Yellow color, burning it smells like rotten eggs
Combination of materials that is not chemically bound
Occurs when light waves vibrate in only one direction
Has a higher specific gravity than gold
Tendency to separate into flat sheets
Color of flame when sodium is burned
Color of flame when lithium is burned