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Variables Unit Vocabulary

The fixed point of a pendulum.
The type of relationship that exists when the independent variable increases and the dependent variable decreases or vice-versa.
The one thing in an experiment that is allowed to change.
A force that pulls an object down. In a pendulum it pulls the bob back toward the equilibrium point.
Anything that can change.
How close atoms and molecules are packed together.
When a bob is at rest.
A force in liquid that pushes an object up.
The type of relationship that exists when either independent or dependent variable stays the same.
Anything that takes up space and has mass. All objects are made of it.
A bob suspended from a pivot point so that the bob swings freely.
Things in an experiment that can change but are kept the same.
Movement (If relating to water, it is = the mass of the object that moves the water.)
The type of relationship that exists when both the independent and dependent variables increase or both decrease.
Similar to capacity. The amount of space a container occupies.
What is counted or measured during the experiment.
A repeated swing or swivel action.
One complete swing of a pendulum (away and back).
Amount a container holds when filled up.
The mass or weight that is suspended in a pendulum.
A force that pulls an object out (away from the equilibrium point).
The amount of matter that makes up an object.