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Prefix Midterm

Open interpretation; double meaning
Lacking emotion
Officially exclude someone from membership of a church or religious community
Situated or done within the walls of a building
To enclose (a sacred relic)
The point on earth's surface right above the focus of an earthquake
Self-examination or contemplation of one's own thoughts
Of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere
an optical instrument used for viewing very small objects
Lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning
Not fully developed
Across a continent
Not clear or defined
Showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously
A condition in which there are lower-than-average calcium levels in the body
The part of economics concerned with large-scale or general economic factors
Relating to relationships or communication between people
Information used to promote a particular cause
Unable to speak distinctly or express oneself clearly
A condition in which you start to breathe very fast
Lack of sensitivity to pain
A contrast of ideas
Before birth
Eating all things
An introduction to a book, typically stating its subject, scope, or aims