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Rocks and Minerals

Rocks formed from melting and cooling
Arrangement of minerals in a flat/parallel structure
Name for basaltic rocks containing magnesium and ferrum
Tendency of a mineral to break along planes of weak bonding
Rocks formed by compression and cementation
Fuel sources originating from ancient life forms
Crystal Shape of a mineral
Resistance to breaking, bending, cutting
Name for granitic rocks containing feldspar and silica
Resistance to scratching
Reflectivity of a mineral
Molten rock above the surface
Continental crust is formed mostly of this rock
Any rock changed into any other rock type
Molten rock below the surface
Naturally occurring, inorganic substance that makes up rocks
Texture of rocks that form with trapped gas bubbles
Rocks formed under intense heat and pressure
Remains of prehistoric life
Category of minerals containing a tetrahedron of O and Si
Pumping liquid into rocks to release oil/gas
Fast cooling of rocks form a ___________ texture
Oceanic crust is formed mostly of this rock
Color of the powder of a mineral
Solid mass of mineral or mineral-like material