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Shakespeare's As You Like It

An old shepherd
A foppish courtier
A speech by one character alone
Falls in love with Rosalind
As You Like It is a _____ comedy.
A loyal, elderly servant
Wrote As You Like It
Duke _____ is Duke Senior's brother.
The setting of this play is mostly in the Forest of _____.
The actual movements and speech of characters performing
Introduces the characters and conflict and provides the necessary background
Form of literature written in prose or poetry to tell a story by actions and dialogue
The arrangement of events
A young, lovelorn shepherd
The speeches between two characters
Rosalind's loyal friend
A clergyman
Duke _____ is exiled and living in banishment in the Forest of Arden.
A courtier and singer
A wrestler at the court of Duke Frederick
A clown
The people who perform the action
A melancholy philosopher
Daughter of the banished Duke Senior who falls in love with Orlando
Eldest son of the late Sir Rowland de Boys
A character either directly addressing the audience or another character to comment on the action