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Latin america

How many miles cover latin america?
The capital city of this country is Bogota.
What serves as transportation routes and provide hydroelectric power?
A waterway that cuts through the isthmus of Panama.
Led by Miguel Hidalgo
What mountain range covers the western edge of South America?
One leading petroleum producer.
This biome covers much of the Amazon Basin along the Amazon River.
river that separates US and mexico.
Capital city of Chile.
Hills and lower flatland's that form a plateau.
Smaller rivers that flow into a larger river.
How many regions make up latin america?
What do the climates depend on in Latin America.
Biggest region of Latin America
Capital city of Peru.
Led by Jose De San Martin.
Language spoken in Brazil.
Solstice that happens during june.
The capital city of this country is Buenos Aires.
What river feeds out into the Amazon Basin?
Solstice that happens during december.
Parallel ranges that are arranged in deep folds.
Dance from Latin America. :)
What has long played a role in in the Latin america society.
Ocean off the east coast of Brazil.