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Tennessee Culture

Test your knowledge of The Unviersty of Tennessee and the great state of Tennessee!
Country Music's Johnny ____
____ Top, one of state songs
____ Smoky Mountains
Slogan "Tennessee - America at its ___"
# Men's SEC Basketball Championships
___ Nation, UT's fans
____ Houston, all-time leading scorer in 1993
UT's mascot
Tulip ____, state tree
Singer Franklin
___ Records in Memphis
Shelby County has most of these per capita in U.S. (hint: Tennessee Walking ____)
River on west border
One of 8 border states
____Vols, women's sports teams
Mountain in Chattanooga
Major theater company headquartered in TN
____ Lofton, former UT basketball standout
Honey ___, 1 of 3 state insects
The Volunteer Statue
____ Rudolph, track and field Olympian
Lake formed from earthquake in 1812
East TN singer Parton
Williams, UT power forward
1982 World's ____
West, Middle, and ___ TN
Memphis in ___ Festival
Grand Ole ____
M.L., B.B., or Bernard
King of Rock and Roll
Blues street in Memphis
UT Athletic Director
Color of daisies on The Hill
_____ City, nickname for Nashville
Original Opry Auditorium
Barnes, men's coach
Singer Turner from Nutbush
Country Music ____ of Fame
Pride of the ____
Thompson-____ Arena
The ____, basketball court
Highest point in TN, Clingmans
Atomic city
Small-mouth state fish
1 of 2 state mammals
Minnie or Bruce
State flower
Jordan ____, Smokey's favorite point guard