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The Deep Blue Sea

The inventor of T.O.E.S who was smart and caring for the sea.
The wealthy investor and mother.
The person who tells the story and is brave and kind.
A plane that goes underwater.
The name of Ava's drone.
The use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do.
A Greek word for light or relating to light.
Means twilight zone or intermediate light inensity in a body of water.
Jack's genius sister who is caring and resourceful.
Where most of the story takes place.
The invention the story is about.
The son of Ashley who is self-centered and sneaky.
Instrument measuring acceleration.
Extremely tasty.
Another name for microorganisms.
Jack's brother who is tall, strong and smart.
Steven's tutor who is out for herself.
Where T.O.E.S. is located.
The upper side of an animal.
Guardian of Jack and his siblings who is smart, kind and helpful.