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DNA Vocabulary

Cells from inner cheek lining
Repeating unit of DNA consisting of a base attached to a sugar-phosphate group
Chemical that acts as scissors to cut DNA at specific locations
Technique of replicating a portion of DNA
Simultaneously detects more than one DNA marker in a single analysis
Any of several alternative forms of a gene
Order of bases on all 23 pairs of human chromosomes
Synthesis of new DNA from existing DNA
Genetic locus for determining sex
Outer layer of skin cells
Procedure to determine the order of base pairs in DNA
A substance composed of a large number of atoms
Study of antigen-antibody reactions
Threadlike structure in the nucleus, along which the genes are located
DNA molecule that contains 3-7 repeating base pairs
Technique for separating molecules through migration on a support medium using electrical potential
Building blocks of proteins
Molecules that carry the body's genetic information
Process of joining 2 complimentary strands of DNA
Basic unit of heredity, consisting of a DNA segment located on a chromosome
Short strand of DNA used to target a region of DNA for replication by PCR