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Sexuality Vocabulary

Living together before marriage
Virtue by which people are able to successfully integrate their sexuality into their total person,
Uncontrolled sexual pleasure
Declaration by the Church that a marriage is null and void.
Fertilization of a woman's egg with a man's sperm, outside of her body
Deliberate attempt to interfere with creation of a new life during sexual intercourse
Related to the power of life
A written description or visual portrayal of a person or action that is created to stimulate sexual feelings.
Having more than one spouse
Tendency toward sin
Virtue by which one moderates his or her appetite toward passions/achieving a balance
Sexual intercourse between a man or a woman who aren't married
Act of selling sexual services in exchange for money, drugs or other goods
The Beatitude that enables us to see the human body ours or our neighbor's as a manifestation of God's beauty
Relating to marriage or wedding