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Arrow in a chemical equation
Amount of substance in chemistry
Sharing of 2 e- between 2 nonmentals
Many transition metals have this, and is expressed with Roman numerals.
Type of bonding, non metals only
Bonding where valence e- are delocalized
8 valence e-
Representation of the distribution of each element in a compound
Combination of symbols with the correct ratio of each element in a compound
These type of elements give away e- when bonded to nonmetals
Chemical(s) that result from a chemical reaction
Reaction of certain chemicals with oxygen, produces heat
A metal and a nonmetal do this with e- when bonding
Compound of 2 elements only
Positive ion
Atoms don't have any, ions do
To explain everything that happens during a chemical rxn we use a chemical ___
attraction between atoms to become more stable
Sharing of 4 e- between 2 nonmentals
The charge of an atom when it turns into an ion
Attraction to valence e- when bonded
Covalent compound form this...
Nonmetals do this when they bond
Elements that have 2 atoms bonded as the smallest unit when uncombined.
Chemical(s) that will undergo a chemical reaction
Covalent molecule with uneven distribution of valence e-
Negative ion
Very stable group of elements
Study of the amounts of reactants and products during a chemical reaction
Dihydrogen monoxide
Structure that describes the distribution of each element on a compound and the valence e- not shared
Number written above the normal lime, it indicates the charge of an ion
Cations surrounded by anions and viceversa
Covalent molecule with even distribution of valence e-
Type of bonding, metal + nonmetal
Iron (II) oxide