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Math & Chem Puns

Since more than 40 "words" are elements, use Periodic Table with 118 official elements.  See how far you can go BEFORE using calculator & Google.
According to solubility guidelines, ____ bears should dissolve in water
Empty birdcage
Eons are made up of ____
Cesium & iodine love to watch this TV show together
Curiously, her 2 Nobel Prizes killed her
Migrating numbers
Radioactive isotopes help determine fossil's ____.
Metal in transition again and again
After losing an electron, the atom says, "I have to keep an ____ them."
A copper-tellurium alloy & you are both ____.
Half of one quart
Math teacher's snake
If you can't ____ ... 46 Across
Half the diameter
Slightly cold
2(ln 3.2+ln 5)log(10^9.5)/ln 2
Negative answer
Having two
Incarcerated clown
Liberal arts degree
& you can't ___ ... 62 Across
7499 (my PIN ??)
All the good chemistry jokes ____.
Enlightened state
Tool for spin doctors
Jack-o-lantern circumference divided by diameter = pumpkin ____
Two hundred eighty-eight homework problems is two ____
World's most visited country
1 cm/s^2
... then you might as well ____.
Seventh note of scale: Do, Re, Mi, ...
Adorable angle
Five cents
She threw NaCl at me. I said, "That's a ____."
Quadrilateral involved in an accident.
He was Married with Children
Roman holds up two fingers & says, "Five ____, please."
Person who likes tractors
Teapot of boiling water on Mt. Everest
This trig fan put "sin" in "single"
Man after day at beach
Energy expended when electron says, "That's revolting!"
Name of witch doctor's business
Against alimony
Stock market ____ & downs
Compound of rhenium & iodine has anger issues
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All Rights Reserved
Tell waiter "I'll have H2O too" and you might be served ___oxide
Cinnabar cried when mercury thermometer called her a common ____
Pelican state
Used in many similes
Why divide sin by tan? Just ____
Letter "L" twice
Anagram of nitrogen monoxide
Peach state
Fifth term of sequence with common ratio = -2 & first term = 7.375
Planet after Uranus
Did you hear the one about cobalt, radon & yttrium? It's ____.
6^2 + 84 / 3 - 2^3 - 3 x (8-6)
Leap day
Girl's best friend
Replace benzene's carbon with iron to make ____ wheel
Egyptian sun god
Pair with jelly to make great sandwich
Number of terms in sequence if sum is 2408, first term is -7 & common difference is 3
Indefinite integral of d(cabin)/cabin
King Arthur's favorite knight at the Round Table
___ , 49, 36, 18, 8
His dentures in a water glass make an eight ____ solution
Larry & Curly's buddy
Official name of metric system (abbr)
Nice try during quiz to name CH2O (formaldehyde)
Letters missing from element NAMES
Letters missing from element SYMBOLS
Third person singular present tense of verb to be
BaNa2 is a good source of K
One hundred grams
Cheaper than day rate
Federal government's chief lawyer
6 sec x csc x if x=15 degrees
Earned first Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering X-rays
Columbia is capital city
Uppercase sigma
Geometry often found at Starbucks
For all practical purposes, the most reactive metal
Air conditioning
Don't drink and ____
Propane (sometimes mixed with butane)
What rat & cat have in common
5! - 4! + 3! + 2! - 1! / 0!
His ____ is square root of -100 (a perfect 10 & purely imaginary)
Four hundred
2^3 x 3^2
You have to be ____ to be number one
Santa has a sore throat
Thirteenth prime number
Continent with 10% of world population
Sum of divisors of 50
Volunteer state