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Chapter 3 Cell Structure

Teacher: Greg Puckett
Solution that has higher concentration of dissolved particles than a cell
Theory that states all organisms are all made of cells, all existing cells are produced by other living cells, and the cell is the most basic unit in life
The storehouse for most of the genetic information or DNA in your cells
Doesn't have a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
Structures specialized to perform distinct processes within a cell
Same concentration of dissolved particles as the cell
Consist of layered stacks of membrane enclosed spaces that process, sort, and deliver proteins
A rigid layer that gives protection, support, and shape the cell
General name used to describe small membrane bound sacs that divide some materials from the rest of the cytoplasm
Tiny organelles that link amino acids together to form proteins
Supply energy to the cell
Organelles that carry out photosynthesis, a series of complex chemical reaction that convert solar energy into energy rich molecules
Membrane bound organelle that contains enzymes
Solution has a lower concentration of dissolved particles than a cell
Cylinder shaped organelles made of short mircotubules arranged in a circle
A network of proteins that constantly changing to meet the needs of cells
Jellylike substance that contains dissolved molecular building blocks
The movement of molecules in a fluid or gas from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration
Does have a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
Fluid filled sac used for the storage of materials needed by a cell