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Physical Education - Sub Day

The food category you should consume AFTER working out to repair muscles
Exercise has many positive health ______.
Other than the mile, what is the name of the other test for cardiovascular endurance
125-175 beats per minute; your heart rate when exercising properly
The sport that is similar to basketball
How much your muscles can bend and stretch
The efficiency of your heart and lungs to pump blood
When you dribble with two hands at the same time
When your palm is facing your target
Your muscles' ability to withstand resistance a long time
What is the name of the hormone that makes you feel good when exercising
The ____ flexible you are, the greater your chance of injury and pain
_______ yourself when you run a long distance
When you throw a ball, you should step with which foot
When the back of your hand is facing your target
Your heart rate should drop at least _____ beats per minute after exercise (each minute)
Other than air, the most important substance our body needs
Another name for opposite (when we talk about stepping during throwing)
The dance with a dip and clap in it
How MUCH your muscle can withstand
The food category that you should eat BEFORE exercise because it provides energy
People who exercise regularly have a better chance of ______ their chance of health issues