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rome crossword puzzle

An underground irrigation system.
Roman General who ended the Roman republic when he seized power and became dictator for life.
A form of government where people elect leaders to represent them.
Center of most important public activities for the city of Rome and its Empire.
A large arena in Rome where gladiators battled and did sporting events.
Continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern provinces during middle ages.
Idea that people should live by agreed upon laws.
A group of 300 men elected to rule Rome.
A period of Europe's history between 14th and 17th century.
Certain rights are inherent.
A set of basic laws.
One of the Republic people of ancient Rome.
A member of the up ruling class in Rome.
Roman culture with strong Greek influence.
Series of wars fought between Rome and Carthage for control of Mediterranean Region.
Rome's first empire King.
Capital city of Roman civilization 700BC.
An official of Rome who the Plebeians elect to represent them.
Two chief leaders.
A period of peace and stability in Roman Empire for 200 years.