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Developmental Psych FUN Words

A type of play in which infants and children learn what they can do with objects and what objects can do
Hormone responsible for for blood glucose regulation, immune functions, and anti-stress responses
Marked by excessive crying in infants less than 3 months old
The reflex that occurs if you touch an infants cheek it will turn towards the touch and open it's mouth.
Also known as conception
An agent or condition that can interfere with healthy prenatal development
A type of play that consists of children pretending to be someone or some where else. (Is this real life, or is this a ....)
Traits, characteristics, abilities, and inabilities, that are inherited and genetically derived.
Your sex drive
The bond between infant and caregiver
Wrapping infants in blankets so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted
Reflex in infants 3 to 4 months that is a response to being startled or feeling like they are falling.
Genetically related
A type of play in which children make or build something. Common among children 3 to 6.
Reflex that happens when you place something in an infants palm.
Environmental factors that influence an individual's development
A baby in the first year of their life