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John Gruzinskas - Service Learning II Rotation Project

Health care professional that dispenses medication
Taking Tylenol and drinking alcohol together are this
A patient drops this off at a pharmacy to be filled
The amount of medication a patient is to receive
Solid oral dosage form made by compressing or compacting powders or granules
Relating to the kidney
Pantoprazole is the this of Protonix
A class of medication that can be habit forming or addictive
A class of medications that do not require a prescription
A route of administration for many injectables
Excreted from beta cells in the pancreas
Act involving privacy and security for releasing medical information
Antibiotic that can cause Redman's Syndrome if infused too fast
"APAP" brand name
Another word for "drug"
Combining ingredients to create a new pharmaceutical product
In between minimum effective and minimum toxic concentrations
Latin for "recipe," or "to take"
A device used to measure injectable medications
Relating to the liver
The plastic amber bottle medication is stored in
1,000 grams
The place in which you dress out before entering a sterile IV room
A class of drugs that end with the suffix: "lol"
The time schedule medication should be taken
Shake this dosage form well before use
Latin for "pharmacist"
C2 prescriptions can not have these
The center of PPCP
Used to stimulate an immune response in order to develop an individual's adaptive immunity