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Earth Science 15

The geologic ___ is a sequence of rock units and layers
Creationists believe this caused many fossils
Era the Jurassic period is in
Rocks from volcanic activity
Rock that comes from magma hardens after squeezing into other rocks
Hardest type of coal
Fossils that are used to estimate the age of rock strata
Lake with vertical logs buried in mud
When a species disappears
Nonfoliated rock used in monuments
Coarsest grade of clastic sedimentary rock
Rock that is a blend of sedimentary and igneous
Fossils that go through several layers of rock
Rock with interconnected pores
Sedimentary rock that comes from chemicals dissolved in water
Material in which something is enclosed of embedded
Period within the Cenozoic era
Most common intrusive igneous rock
Volcanic "glass"
Any trace or remains of a living organism
Igneous rock that often is so light it floats
Rock that results from lava hardening above the earth's surface
Study of rocks
Rock that has been thick solids in water, then compacted with great pressure
Rock with no interconnected pores
Solid fossil fuel
Giant reptile-like animals from the past
95% of fossils are of ) _____ origin
Liquid fossil fuel
Solid material in the earth's crust
Most natural gas is this
Fossil that may or may not be human (p 392)
These were formed when slate was deeply buried and then exposed to great pressure and temperature