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Baroque Music time period

Monteverdi's most popular opera
Famous for counterpoint and the most famous composer of this time
a musical composition for a keyboard instrument designed to exhibit the performer's touch and technique.
A composer who was from England
a large musical instrument having rows of tuned pipes sounded by compressed air, and played using one or more keyboards to produce a wide range of musical effects
Several melodies playing at one time
Credited for making opera new fad to have fun and hang out
a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody or phrase (the subject) is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others and developed by interweaving the parts.
a large-scale musical work for orchestra and voice
a keyboard instrument with horizontal strings which run perpendicular to the keyboard in a long tapering case, and are plucked by points of quill, leather, or plastic operated by depressing the keys.
a dramatic work in one or more acts, set to music for singers and instrumentalists
The city in which the Saint Mak's Basilica is
He was the composer for King Louis XIV