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Basic Nerve Cell Terminology

by Scott
Star shaped cells that contact both capillaries and neurons.
These neurons have but one process; think sensory receptors.
Almost 100 percent of neurons are these type of neurons.
One billionth of a meter.
These type of potentials are caused when different ions cross the neuron membrane.
Neurons differ from other cells in the body because they communicate with each other through this process.
Factor that affects the transmission of neuron speed the most is whether there is this kind of sheath on its axon.
Also called the cell body.
Chemical released at end of a neuron.
One thousandth of a millimeter.
This occurs when voltage gated potassium ion channels open up permitting K+ ions to flow out to re balance charges.
A nerve cell.
The _______________ nervous system controls the functions that we do not consciously control.
Motor neurons are also called these.
These nodes are called this. Spaces between myelin sheath.
When threshold of a stimulus is reached at -55mv, this occurs.
These cells line the fluid filled ventricles of the brain and spinal cord.
The resting membrane potential of a neuron is about _______- millivolts.
This part of the nerve cell carries information away from itself.
In an action stimulus, this ion will enter the cell making it more positive.
These structures provide the insulation to neurons in the CNS.
Sensory neurons are these; info to CNS.
Nerve cells found between the sensory and motor.
These support cells provide nutrients and structural support for nerve cells.
These structures engulf injured and dead cells, while protecting the brain from invading microorganisms.
These are microscopic voids between cells; spaces are clefts.
During this period, the neuron cannot respond to another stimulus.
These cells provide the insulation to nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system.
Information input region is made up of this structure of a neuron.
Muscles are considered these type of tissues.
Also called support cells.