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Ancient Rome - The Roman Republic Vocabulary

Teacher: Mrs. Swanson
A ruler with almost unlimited power is called a ________
The richer, more powerful citizens of Rome were called the _________ and they were the only ones that could be elected to office.
After ________ killed his brother, he named the city they build after himself, Rome.
The first tables of Rome's written law code were displayed in the __________
Through the use of ______________, one part of government cannot become too strong over the other parts of the government.
Was killed by his twin brother ina fit of anger after they began to fight.
Judges and individuals that ran the city's economic programs or organized games and festivals were called ________.
The tribunes had the ability to _________, or prohibit actions by other government officials.
They were common people eof Rome that included the peasants, craftspeople, traders, and other workers.
The Roman language was _________
In a _________, people elect leaders to represent them in governement
The ________ was a coucil of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the city's leaders.