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Christ Jesus 3/3/19

They shall take up serpents and if they ______ any deadly thing (sect 6)
I the God of Israel shall not _________them (RR)
The Christ or divinity of the man _____ was his divine nature. (Sect 1)
And Jesus went ____ and departed from the temple (Sect 5)
Meekness ____ charity have divine authority. (Sect 3)
Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the ______ (Sect 3)
Had it been given _____ to his immediate disciples (Sect 6)
And Jesus went about all the cities and ________ teaching in their synagogues. (Sect 2)
The _____ daughter is all glorious within (Sect 4)
The stone which the builders _________ the same is become the head of the corner
And there shall come _____ a rod of the stem of Jesse (Sect 1)
Jesus of Nazareth was the most _____ man that ever trod the globe (Sect 2)
The prophet of today beholds in the mental ______ the signs of these times. (Sec 5)
Jesus demonstrated Christ; he proved that Christ is the divine idea of _______. (Sect 4)