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Earth Science 15

Type of rock early geologists said came before the Flood
Name of fossil that was supposedly "pre-human"
Clastic rock with medium sized particles
Forms from seawater
Sedimentary rocks that contain fragments from other rocks
____ rock doesn't have pores
Person who studies fossils
Rocks that come from cooling of lava or molten rock
Formed when wind or water lays down sediment
Combination of sedimentary and igneous rock
Layers of sedimentary rock
Study of rocks
Magmas and lavas that contain much silica
Lava rock that solidifies above the ground
Its name means containing grains
____ rock has pores
Sheets of igneous rock between other pre-existing rocks
Lava rock that solidifies after squeezing other rocks
Fossil that extends through several layers of sedimentary rock
Any remain of a living organism preserved by natural means
Come from minerals dissolved in water
2 words - deposit of rock salt that occurs deep underground as a vertical cylinder
Coarsest type of clastic rock
2 words - gas form of fossil fuel
Liquid fossil fuel
Longest of the 3 time divisions of geologic time scale
Solid fossil fuel
95% or fossils are ______
Type of fossil used to date rock strata