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Economics are Everything

Teacher: m
A certificate reflecting a firm's promise to pay the holder a periodic interest payment until the date of maturity and a fixed sum of money on the designated maturity date.
A setting where buyers and sellers establish prices for identical or very similar products, and exchange goods and/or services.
One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.
A sustained and continuous increase in the general price level.
The value, expressed in dollars, of all final goods and services produced in a year.
A legal entity owned by stockholders whose liability is limited to the value of their stock.
Anything of value that is acceptable to a lender to guarantee repayment of a loan.
eople whose wants are satisfied by consuming a good or a service.
The net accumulation of federal budget deficits.
Goods or services produced in one nation but sold to buyers in another nation.
A schedule of how much consumers are willing and able to buy at all possible prices during some time period
The payments made for the use of borrowed or loaned money.
Goods or services bought from sellers in another nation.
The purchase of a security, such as a stock or bond