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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ch 4: The Cell in Action

During _________, food is broken down without oxygen. (56)
In eukaryotic cells, such as plant and animal cells, cellular respiration takes place in structures called __________. (56)
________ happens when a cell surrounds a large particle and encloses it in a vesicle. (53)
During ______ transport, the cell has to use energy to move particles through channels. (52)
The cell divides by a process called ______ _____. (59)
Plants use carbon dioxide, water, and the sun’s energy to make food in a process called _________. (55)
The DNA is stored in structures called __________. (59)
Materials move in and out of the cell across the _____ ________. (51)
________ is the main pigment used in photosynthesis. (55)
The two copies of a chromosome are called ________. (60)
A ______ is a sac formed from a piece of cell membrane. (53)
The second stage of the cell cycle is called _______. (60)
The food plants make is a simple sugar called ______. (55)
During cellular ________, cells use oxygen to break down food. (56)
These two cells are called ________ cells. (60)
The third stage of the cell cycle is called _________. (60)
The movement from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration is called ________. (51)
The first stage of the cell cycle is called _________. (60)
Substances, such as water, are made up of particles called ________. (52)
The two chromatids are held together at the __________. (60)
The membrane is _________ —that is, only some substances can pass through it. (52)
Cells also pass through different stages in their life cycles. These stages are called the _____ _____. (59)
During ______ transport, particles move through the cell membrane without using energy from the cell. (53)