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Science Crossword

This has a certain order to it and studying it provides clues into certain organism's past.
I've been looking for days for Igneous and Gas who could've known if I used this technique I would have found them earlier.
This noun can be used to describe a differentiation between two things.
Description: Very Fundamental, What?: A change Where?: Organism DNA
This could be given the title of a material, a material used to constrict the skyscraper of DNA.
This way in which an organism changes itself can help it better survive without directly changing its body.
Believe it or not we can use this to further our knowledge of a certain state that we were all once in.
I thought I needed this, and turns out I do!
This accomplished scientist is credited to many important discoveries.
Imagine a deep dive into history, these are the ancient and boney tools
On opposite day this would entail: changes in the way an organism behaves.
Could we figure out what organisms are on top, never mind this does that for us, naturally.
I thought I needed it before, but turns out now I don't.
An enviornment can sometimes force us to do this.
Counterparts: Behavioral, and Structural.
From Homosapien to standing tall, this is how we got there.