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Law, Ethics, and Therapeutic Communication

An intentional tort that encompasses an outspoken defamation to a third party
Demonstration or proving that the healthcare provider was derelict in his or or duties
This rule requires that all information remain confidential and safe
The lack of action or breach noted in the first definition of negligence
A minor violation of law that usually results in a fine such a a traffic ticket
Direct cause refers to the amount of money that the plaintiff desires in return for his or her suffering
These are highly addictive medication that are often sought illegally
This is the lowest classification of controlled substances
HIPAA of 1996 is an only one of the main sub-parts passed in 1996
A violation of criminal law and as such can be punishable by jail time
Serious violations of criminal law and can result in serve jail time
An act that amounts to actual harm resulting from touching
Prima facie means that enough information has been gathered during the preliminary investigation to prove that harm occurred