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The New Science of Learning: Using all your senses to learn

According to a study in 1969 students who used both _______ and visual senses remembered 20 - 40% more info
Our memories are linked to smell because the piriform cortex is located next to the part of the brain that handles memory and ________.
The process of creating multiple paths to information
The part of your brain that handles smell
______ is a simple process of taking notes in the margin of the textbook
______ is the most powerful of all our senses
______ maps help you organize and associate info then translate the info into a visual form, creating a multisensory learning experience.
____ are powerful memory makers
______ is the slowest way humans input information into their brains.
The process of ________ greatly adds to your comprehension and recall of text material.
A __________ approach to learning is much better than a unisensory one
If you hear a piece of information 3 days later you'll remember ten percent but if you add a pic you'll remember _______ percent of it.
______ try to learn or study using just one of your senses
A 2008 study revealed that people remember _____ percent of what they both see and hear