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Easter Luke 23:13 crossword

The son of God
The final meal Jesus had with his disciples
The Jews shouted
Death on the Cross
Name of soldiers who kill Jesus Christ
When Jesus Christ rose from the dead
A white rabbit
Third book of the New Testament
King of Judea
Forty days before Easter
Against the Law
Rise from the dead
Opposite of late
fourth month in the year
Type of flower
Where Jesus died
opposite of alive
Many people who shouted crucify him
Days before Easter Sunday
A murderer
How many days before he rose from the dead
Talk to God
Looking for eggs
Roman blank
Believers in Jesus Christ
A place you go when committing a crime
Dead and blank
To get up
A time to fast and pray
Opposite of hate
The day Jesus Christ was crucified
Follower of Christ
To punish
The Roman Governor of Judea
Jesus Christ went up into heaven
To deny yourself of something
A warning or sign to hurt