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The US in WW2

In the summer of 1941 FDR met with Britain prime minister at Atlantic Conference and agreed to the _____ ____.
This was passed in 1942 in the US to raise taxes.
This person was the prime minister of Britain during most of WW2
This person was the leader of the Soviet Union.
This group of Americans were placed in internment camps in Feb. 1942.
In 1942 this group oversaw the US economy change to war time.
These laws tried to prevent the same mistakes that led to the US going into WW1 from happening with WW2.
The war in Europe began when Germany invaded what country?
This group was formed of the most powerful Allie nations of the US, Britain, and Soviet Union.
This report said US manufactures of armaments ultimately led the US into the Great War.
What battle was Germany's last victory in Dec. 1944?
This committee was the largest anti-war organization up to the WW2 era.
The invasion of Normandy is also known as what?
The German Blitzkrieg was known as the _____ war.
This was proposed to lift the arms embargo and said countries had to pay cash and carry arms on their own ships.
This was a treaty from WW1 that many Germans remained bitter over.
This prominent African American leader led the march on Washington in March 1941.
This was proposed to give Britain old US battle ships in return of use of naval ships.
Hitler used passionate ______ to gather peoples attention.
In Feb.1945 allied leaders met in what city to negotiate the end of the war?