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William Shakespeare

John Hemings and Henry Condell worked together in 1623 to put together an authoritative anthology of Shakespeare's work. This is known as The ______.
Shakespeare made enough money to own a ____ in both London and Stratford-upon- Avon by 1597
We can thank Shakespeare for inventing 1,700 _______.
Shakespeare is often referred to as The ______.
Cheap booklets made of pieces of paper printed on 8 sides folded up to become four double-sided pages (in which some Shakespeare plays were distributed).
These individuals were not allowed to act in plays during Shakespeare's life.
Shakespeare's wife's name.
The city in which Shakespeare grew up.
Shakespeare wrote plays, but he also wrote poems called _____.
Shakespeare and his actors often performed in a theater called The ______.
Shakespeare made his money not necessarily as a playwright, but rather as a _____ in his acting company.
How many millions a Shakespeare signature is worth today.
Queen ______ was the monarch when Shakespeare first began his career.
A company of actors that Shakespeare joins
The time between 1585 and 1592 are generally referred to as Shakespeare's _____ (two words).
Shakespeare wrote three main genres of plays, Tragedies, Comedies, and _____.
The place where Shakespeare is buried.
On Shakespeare's gravestone, there is a ______ written by Shakespeare himself.
Shakespeare suddenly shows up in this city as an accomplished actor and playwright in 1592.
Shakespeare's son who died at age 11.
Shakespeare expressed countless _____ in his plays, all of which still resonate with audiences today.
Number of existing Shakespeare signatures