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Mark 1:1-28

He tempted Jesus in the wilderness.
Human source of the material in the Gospel of Mark.
Jesus said this was at hand. (3 words)
Father of the first two disciples called by Jesus.
The job of the first men Jesus called to follow Him.
Place that John the Baptist was doing His baptizing. (2 words)
Part of John the Baptist's diet.
Were with Jesus in the wilderness. (2 words)
One of the first disciples called by Jesus.
Author of the Gospel of Mark. (2 words)
Part of John the Baptist's message.
What God the Father calls Jesus at His baptism. (3 words)
First in the Gospel of Mark to acknowledge Jesus was "the Holy one of God"
Symbol for the Spirit of God at Jesus' Baptism.
What John the Baptist said He was unworthy to untie on Jesus' apparel.
City in which Jesus began His ministry.
Who John the Baptist was to Jesus. (2 words)
Definition of a "Gospel" (2 words)