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Sociology 70 Crossword Puzzle

the ___________ approach argues that men and women acquire gender roles through socialization
implies a sense of choice when it comes to sexual attraction
The belief that heterosexuality is the "normal" sexual orientation
the idea that people are poor because they are unfit
a term that describes the greater likelihood for women to be in poverty
government assistance to the non-poor
___________ comprise the racial group who have the highest percent of people in poverty
People who work full time but are still in poverty
a complex pattern of racial advantage built into the structure of society
_______ groups are based on culture, national origin, religion, and language
the fear and loathing of homosexuality, and non heterosexual people
social and cultural patterns attached to masculinity and femininity
the minimal amount of money required for a basic nutritionally adequate diet
The biological differences between males and females
implies a biological view of who one is attracted to
___________ theories point out that discrimination and prejudices are the cause of racial inequality
describes social processes and patterns where men are dominant over women
____________ deficiency theories argue that racial inferiority is rooted in biological and/or genetic differences
The _________ group holds the most amount of power in society
___________ Americans are the smallest minority group in the United States today