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Paris and Philadelphia

Georges Perrier's famous French restaurant in Philadelphia (now closed)
French architect who designed many buildings and spaces in Philadelphia
A gold statue on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
The famous French avenue in Paris that was the model for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
School in Philadelphia where classes are taught in French
A museum containing works by a famous French sculptor. The Thinker is a well-known sculpture you can see there.
A beautiful square in Philadelphia that contains the statue "Lion Crushing the Serpent"
Bridge in Philadelphia designed by Paul Philippe Cret
A museum in Philadelphia containing many works of French impressionism
An organization in Philadelphia where children and adults can learn French
A network of schools originally founded in France by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat
Name of a French Bistro in Philadelphia
Philadelphia's City Hall was modeled on this Paris building
A French restaurant on Rittenhouse Square