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Describes a set of weather measurements made on Earth's surface
Specialized equipment that can detect precipitation and the movement of small particles
A violent winter storm characterized by freezing temperatures
The amount of water vapor present in the air compared to the maximum the air could contain at that temperature
Lines that connect all places on the map where pressure has the same value
A large body of circulating air with high pressure at its center and lower pressure utside
The series of natural process by which water continually moves
An intense tropical storm with winds exceeding 119 km/h
Computer programs that solve complex set mathematical formulas
The amount of water vapor in the air
Violent, whirling column of air in contact with the ground.
Weather conditions above the Earth's surface
Atmospheric conditions
Large body of circulating air with low pressure at its center and higher pressure outside
Water in liquid or solid form that falls from the atmosphere
Large bodies of air that have uniform temperature, humidity and pressure
The force that a column of air apples on the air or surface
The temperature at which air is saturated and condensation can occur
A boundary between two air masses