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Vocabulary Study- Greek & Latin Roots: SPEC & DICT

Teacher: Ms. Haydt's 5th Grade
What is written down as someone says it
To look at carefully in search of flaws
One way of looking at things
To speak against; to say the opposite
The act of looking into one's own thoughts & feelings
Careful to look at all possibilities before acting; cautious; aware of consequences
A reference book in which spoken or written words are defined
Glasses that help someone see better
Something displayed for the public to see
A person who watches something, such as a sporting event
Public words issued by an official that explain a law or command
Formal words spoken or written by a jury that charge a person with a crime
The manner in which something is expressed in words (written or spoken)
Looking back at past things
A judge's ruling or statement
To look at & think about something from different points of view
A leader who speaks & rules with total power
The decision a jury makes in a trial; the decision said by the jury
To look up to someone; to show honor
To say what will happen before it occurs